Organizational Tools

Not only does your Blogging Planner have monthly tools and goals to help you plan, but this planner is so much more!

Weekly Pages

The weekly pages will help keep you on track with your blog schedule and posts. Record information about reviews, giveaways, sponsorships, and more! Also include your conference calls and brand sponsored events easily so you keep on schedule.

Product Reviews

One of the ways this planner is special beyond most planners is that it is specifically related to blogger needs. Use these profiles to help you record your product reviews so you don’t let one get behind.


Keep your goals at your fingertips and know what you need to do to keep improving to be a top blogger!

Blog Conferences

There are so many conferences from BlogHer to Brandcation and it is so fun to meet new brands and your fellow bloggers, but it can also get overwhelming with the schedule. Keep organized with your party events and everyone you meet in this special section. Never worry about a lost contact again!

Brand Event

Brand events are a great way spread your influence and assist a company in its blog marketing goals, Use these page to keep your time organized and make the most of your trip.

PR Contacts

PR contacts are very important in blogging. Email can be so unreliable so keep your PR contacts at your fingertips for outreach.

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