About The Blogging Success Planner



Congratulations on your inquiry on The Blogging Success Planner! There are some simple ways to get to know your planner and take full advantage of its tools to help you become a more organized, and therefore more successful, online blogger.

Monthly Brainstorming Pages

Each month spend some time brainstorming new ideas for your blog posts. Are there any holidays? Milestones? Events? Refer to these pages often and jot down ideas. This is fantastic in slow times as well to flip back and break out of the “writers block” mode.

Monthly Calender

Set up your month in advance and make sure you note any holidays.  Write down reviews, giveaways, and all your editorial posts dates so you know when you have an article due! The monthly pages give you an easy “at a glance” look at your month.

Monthly Focus Recap Pages

The monthly focus pages will help you follow along with your goals, and note achievements, on a monthly basis. You will also be able to keep track of your income and expenses, making it easier when tax time comes around. At the end of the monthly, total up all your weekly pages for a final figure.

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