Two Reasons Why Spielberg Takes Pride In Christian Bale’s Success


Director Steven Spielberg takes honour for success of Hollywood actor Christian Bale’s.

Our very own Award-winning director Steven Spielberg took no time to express his pride that is associated with actor Christian Bale’s success in the Hollywood.

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“I take great pride in young actors who started off doing films with me and have then made careers for themselves,” Spielberg was found commenting this to the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Moreover he added “Nothing Christian Bale does has ever failed to impress me. He is fearless and he was fearless when he was 12 years old. I am impressed more and more with each role he takes. But in a quiet place in my own life I’ll say, ‘That’s my boy’,” to praise actor Christian Bale.

His statements clearly reveal the two reasons as to why Speilberg is fond of Christian Bale. First, Steve was the one of those directors who gave his career a start and second is the fact that he did all the good work to ceal his position and goodwill in this dynamic industry.

Other actor who is lucky to be in the pride zone of Spielberg is Harrison Ford, who was a part of ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise.

Spielberg said he loved and enjoyed working with Ford and could not count on their funny moments.

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