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Newbie Bloggers

Tips for Newbie Bloggers

I think when we all start blogging we have a goal in mind and that goal can seriously vary from person to person.  We are of course individuals and all have a very different reason for being online. We may be just wanting to connect with others, share a story, expand on a hobby, or the biggie that I hear quite often, create a steady income.

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So You Want to be an Affiliate?

Ninja Affiliate Tutorial

Now that you have your goals straight, learn great ways to apply the Ninja Affiliate plugin to help make you more money with your posts! You write them, now monetize them. A step by step and picture tutorial to help you take full advantage of past and present content.

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Spring Clean your Blog

8 things you can do to spring clean your blog

Loading Time: It’s true, you can lose your visitor in under 3 seconds if your blog content isn’t loading. If you are on wordpress, use the plugin called W3 Total Cache. Also minimize the overall loading time by cutting down on how many pictures are displaying and scripts have to load. Additionally, the more ads you have, the more likely you could get caught up on other servers. If you find one ad company is doing it consistently to your page, might be worth looking for a new one.

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